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Though his only contribution was the single "Seize the Light" and, after recording an album, they went on hiatus with Yoshiki not rejoining them afterwards.On December 3 and 4, he held symphonic concerts with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, at Tokyo International Forum.After discovering the music of American hard rock band Kiss, he started learning to play drums and guitar.

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Yoshiki was born on November 20, 1965 in Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture, Japan, as the elder of two brothers in a musically oriented family.

His father was a tap dancer and jazz pianist, his mother played the shamisen, while his aunt played the koto.

On November 12, at the Tokyo Imperial Palace a celebration in honor of the tenth anniversary of Emperors Akihito enthronement was held and at the request of the Japanese government, Yoshiki composed and performed the song "Anniversary". In 2000, he collaborated with 7-Eleven on a series of TV commercials, for which he provided the songs "Blind Dance" and "The Other Side" by his solo musical project Violet UK.

when Yoshiki was recording in his studio, initially doing sessions with Mick Karn and Jane Child, but it was postponed.

In one of the recent interviews he stated that he broke up with his current girlfriend due to "always being busy" with X Japan stuff.