Women dating anal sex tax speed dating

When they make the decision to engage in anal sex, it is a conscious decision, and one that has to be discussed, planned, and talked about.

Anal sex used to be something that not many people spoke of.

More for the backroom of the video rental store, it was not mainstream—in the least.

Arguments are that men used it to avoid pregnancy, but that just doesn’t answer the question about why now, with all the birth control means available, they still want to engage in anal sex.

There is some research to suggest that a guy fantasizes about having anal sex with a woman because he knows that the woman has absolutely no intention of using him to get pregnant.

Going from ass to mouth, and watching women demean themselves on camera, confuses many women into thinking that a guy just wants to dominate her and violate her in a violent, disturbing manner. Sex can be a very loving thing for a relationship—or a very destructive one.