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In Blood Work, his aging lawman portrayal is highly convincing, but by the end of the film this fascinating character study looses all credibility at the hands of an age-old, Hollywood stereotype.

Eastwood plays experienced FBI profiler Terrell Mc Caleb, who is forced into retirement after a series of heart attacks and transplants have kept him sidelined for two years.

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She wrote the screenplay, which extracts the most dramatically compelling and engaging scenes from the book.

Secondly, the acting is first class and the actors are nothing short of wonderful.

What's more, her story of triumph in the face of adversity, going on to shine at the New York Performing High School For the Arts, as an aspiring actress, is nothing short of inspiring.

This film mixes warmth with the cool reality of assimilation, and manages to remain compelling to, both, a young audience and a more mature one. I teach Spanish at a local University and showed the movie to students who read the book "Cuando era puertorriquena" (When I was Puerto Rican) by Esmeralda Santiago.

After a particularly traumatic night, the pair reunite and find themselves in a motel room where they must join forces to survive - Water and Power have so many differences, but can they find common ground so they can work together just like their father always said they must?