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I'm a sucker for [inaudible], so this is excellent. In other words, the Axis powers use a "racial" definition of Jewishness, rather than Frink's matrilineal definition. A room full of newly circumcised babies, all crying. (They make out a little more, than Richie stops.) Richie: I think.... Officer: Jews don't get to decide if they're Jewish, not that I care. In one scene he is trying to be like his Hassidic Jewish girlfriend.

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Frink: My grandmother was Christian, and both my parents. Al: Peg, would you have any idea why I'd feel less concerned about [my back]? Kelly: Because you're in so much more pain from the circumcision. [Kelly smiles, pleased] And while we're on that subject, does anybody know why such a wacky thing could've happened to Daddy in the first place?

He is detained by the secret police for interrogation, ordered to strip and an officer gazes at him: Officer: Why aren't you circumcised, Mr Frink? Officer: We examined the records; your grandfather... Mike (Michael Nelson) exclaims, "It's a wanton, unauthorized bris!

Tobias has lost his medical license after giving CPR to someone who didn't need it. She's spearheading an anti-circumcision group called HOOP: Hands Off Our Penises.[What do you bet the writers wanted to call it HOOD, Hands Off Our D*cks? Adam Bloom: And Bloom's a Jewish name, and my dad's a typical Jewish dad, always giving [bits] of advice. Rather than having one continuous design, a design across the toe breaks up the length and makes the shoe look shorter." And it works. I just thought that you know, that maybe you might be uncut. Peggy (on a public phone in the hospital): So anyway, Al just keeps going on about how "something bad" is going to happen to him, and I say "Look, it's a simple operation.

Buster has studied cartography and Native American tribal rituals, but thinks he can't find work in those fields because he's prone to panic attacks. A moment's thought would have told them that it is people who support, advocate and practise the cutting off of parts of genitals, who aren't minding their own business and who merit being sent up as disfunctional. And whenever I bought shoes he'd always say, "Adam, try and wear shoes with the design across the toe, 'cause it's an optical illusion. It almost sounds as though male genital cutting failed to catch on in the US after World War 2, but more likely, the scriptwriters make the common and convenient but false assumption that "only Jews cut male genitals". Aaron (Hill Harper): Well, we took him to my doctor and he says all Mr. They make this little circular incision in his lower back, ease thepressure off his spine and he's good as new!

At the center of it all is suave master spy Sterling Archer, whose less-than-masculine code name is "Duchess." Archer works with his domineering mother Malory, who also is his boss. Rajesh is on an experimental anti-anxiety medication, which enables him to overcome his inability to talk to women, but it also creates exaggerated side-effects. (Missy looks puzzled, leaning away from him) You're welcome. Meanwhile, Andre (Paul Scheer) mysteriously refuses to reveal whether is he is intact or circumcised, leading the others to talk to his ex, who eventually reveals that he is half-circumcised, due to his having been such a fat baby that his penis was buried and the doctor could only cut off half of his foreskin. You make it sound as though I need to take an evening course.

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