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So I think that’s what keeps us together, and having a sense of humor.

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Teri Buford O'Shea On November 18, 1978, Jim Jones and more than 900 members of his People's Temple committed mass suicide in the jungle of Guyana.

Since that time, the event has occupied a grotesque but fringy place in American history.

And then once I knew I had the buzz, I went in the studio, stole a few more records, my records, and I started something I knew the city, the Rap game, was gonna eat up.

Jim Jones and his better half Chrissy Lampkin have revealed the key to their 11 year relationship and their advice for other couples who are in it for the long haul. ” BOSSIP: You two have been together for a long time.

Forty years later, O'Shea is just beginning to speak openly about her seven years with Jim Jones, first in California and then at his compound in Guyana. Its inhabitants, she says, were warm people who worked hard to build a utopian community.