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He took heed in the advice and trained with Steve for a year, before he entered his first bodybuilding competition, the Junior Mr. Lewis had a tattoo printed on his left arm at the age of 15, which he claims had stretched and morphed itself completely around his arm as they grew in size. Lewis' nickname, 'Flex’, originated on the rugby pitch instead of the weight room. Hill helped Lewis master the rigors of diet planning and he won the Junior Mr. After establishing himself as a force to be reckoned with on stage in the UK, Lewis headed to the U. where he trained at Gold’s Venice and Milos Sarcev’s Kolosseum Gym. Olympia 212, Lewis is recognized as possessing the world’s greatest 212 physique.

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With such a background in athletics and business, this DVD shows that there's a whole lot more to Flex than just his physique.

Then you add in drug use and all that it only becomes harder.

This industry is way too selfish to have both competing and dieting and training and eating day in and day out.

you can only watch your man shoot up so much in the bathroom.

You will also see that there is a whole lot more to the rising star than the perfect lines of his amazing physique.