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Maybe you should offer yourself up to him for some type of abuse, better you than some innocent animal or person than think he and his family are nothing but "trash". Reply-to: Just wait Tony hasnt had a chance to leave her in a hot car for hours while he goes off and does his thing or gives her away because he wants another animal to draw attention to him that hessuch an animal lover..... These slurs get pregnant on purpose and the drivers are just stupid.

, Must have hit a nerve that you are so approving of babies born out of wedlock. Nascar needs to stop glorifying these drivers and their basted kids.

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Oh great, just when we thought Tony would stay in the dirt he's now wanting to race Xfinity guess he figures he can't beat the guys on dirt so he's going to go against the young ones in Xfinity.

Do you have a bastard child yourself and feel it is perfectly acceptable nor only to live that kind of life but flaunt it and make money or be in the limelight. Reply-to:, Yes it is stupid and criminal the things he does and gets away with.