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A boat crossing was used to cross the Calder here as far back as the 1600s when records show the boat used to make the crossing sank killing ten people, a new one was paid for by the surrounding communities.

The crossing was still in use in the 1920s, costing a penny to cross by ferryboat was kept by the boatman’s cottage which at the time was run by a Mr Mathews.

Of the many small streets and rows only around a 100 houses survive today, the rest have been demolished since the 1950s.

Also gone is the chapel, it remained empty for many years before it was destroyed by fire several years ago.

In 1821 Mr John Lee, a solicitor from Wakefield embarked on the construct of a canal cut at Bottomboat that was to be funded from his own money, with the intention of charging each vessel that used the new cut.