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But, hundreds of years later, monks were the only ones with any free time for scholarly pursuits – and they were discouraged from thinking about the matter of "secular time" for any reason beyond figuring out when to observe Easter.

In the Middle Ages, the study of the measure of time was first viewed as prying too deeply into God’s own affairs – and later thought of as a lowly, mechanical study, unworthy of serious contemplation.

You’ll consider that they may be living a second life with a wife and kids.

First you notice that while they’ve met your mum, brother, and been on a night out with your best mates from uni, you’ve yet to meet a single person in their life. You’ve never been to any kind of gathering with anyone from their social circle.

Come to think of it, while they’ve showed up on your Instagram feed and you tag them on Twitter, they’re yet to share any indication that you’re hanging out together.

Here are a few more historical aspects of our calendar. When Julius Caesar introduced his calendar in 45 B. E., he made 1 January the start of the year, and it was always the date on which the Solar Number and the Golden Number were incremented. The date of his birth is unknown; it may or may not be 25 December.

However, the church didn’t like the wild parties that took place at the start of the new year, and in C. 567 the council of Tours declared that having the year start on 1 January was an ancient mistake that should be abolished. It is likely that Jesus was actually born around 7 B. September through December were the seventh through tenth months of a calendar used by the first Romans. January and February both date from about the time of Rome’s founding.

First off, you can bring up the issues with the stasher, explain how you’re feeling, and ask if they’d be up for making a tiny bit more of a show that you’re together.