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But I've never been in a relationship at 22 years old.

I'm still a virgin but I don't really care about that honestly.

aka play hard to get, works almost everytime Not even close to what want.

Wer i will get girls for free sex chat-9

Yes, Neal Strauss and Mystery (another dating guru) both have full (college like) courses on meeting women (look up the Mystery Method).

You learn how to get a girl to take interest in you, how to escalate that interest into touching, kissing and bonding with a girl and eventually closing the deal all within a few hours (4-12 hours). If you're into meeting beautiful women and having them take interest in you, learning from these guys is a good start, however they are not the final word on this subject. if you want her to go farther than just kissing all you have to do is get her to go in for a kiss and than turn your head so she only gets your cheek.

As an adult sleeping together on the third date is considered the norm. Good for you.:)DO NOT try to kiss the girl within 4 -12 hours or you will get slapped.

Definitely not the brightest advice I've heard and "friend zone" is not for ever, you can totally hit if off later after you know each other a bit longer.

You can talk to her and make dates which can be done by simply emailing her, "Want to go for lunch on Sunday". Me Chat I read alot of the comments, and there all great but here is what I do and how it works for me.