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Either way once the directory is setup then any device can be manually pointed to the directory and the phone will utilize HTTP to download and apply the firmware.

Also this process can be used to downgrade software if needed as multiple versions can be stored in the same location and a menu will be presented to allow the desired version to be installed.

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Updating please wait

In order to utilize Lync integration a This process can be used on any of the Polycom SIP Phones which support 4.x software today (Sound Point IP, Sound Station IP, VVX, and Spectra Link models).

The Polycom SIP phones support a few different methods for software updates, most commonly utilizing a central FTP provisioning server so that all devices will check a single distribution point for configuration changes and new firmware images.

So, I have been playing this game for about a year now with no problems with the launcher, I have a full game installation (no bitraider streaming), and everything was fine until this morning.

I have already flushed my dns cache and run the launcher repair utility, but still have the same problem. I don't want to have to wait until tomorrow to play cause I still have some weeklies i'm trying to finish, lol.

Also, a hard refresh of the page does nothing but throws me back at the start with the "Unit is updating" message, making the wait twice as long.