Updating passport information

However, the process for updating your account is quite simple and can be done online.

Simply go to the Global Entry Online Enrollment System, known as GOES.

If you have more questions about the Global Entry program or how to renew or replace a passport, contact our office at (877) 917-9438.

Global Entry members often wonder what effect renewing their passports will have on their membership.

Unfortunately, when you renew a passport, your Global Entry account doesn’t automatically update itself.

If you do have contacts, you'll want to delete them off your main contact list (after you've saved them), so that they can remove the "old" address off their lists completely. Then, sign-in to your new Passport in Messenger (your new verification e-mail should be arriving shortly).

Then, click the File menu, then select Import Contacts from a Saved File, then locate the file you just saved on your desktop and select it. CSpot Run now reading bookmarks directly from axx Pac 6.

If you don't yet have a contact list, you can skip this.

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