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It's doubtful that an establishment talker like Nantz would be inclined to shed light on the NFL's blemishes in its own video game, but then, the chance for him to do so wasn't really there.

Instead this uncomfortable duty falls to Gaudin and Davis, both newcomers to pro football broadcasting, and pitched to the audience as a video game booth team observant and insightful unlike any before.

Davis is an African-American, a former player, and could speak with moral authority to the alienation Kaepernick expressed in saying why he sat during the anthem.

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(The NFL Network is an even stranger creature, owned by the league but still freely reporting on it with an arms-length relationship implied.) But Madden also is the game that in 2011 introduced commentary to note a player being removed from the field with a concussion, made him unavailable to reappear in the game by any means, and outlined the league's concussion protocol.

The obvious reason why is the NFL approves everything in Madden, and this helped the league look conscientious on the topic.

Kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem matches the story of Rice's suspension and dismissal only in how both have dominated a preseason conversation.

Frankly, the flag issue is a safer controversy for Gaudin and Davis to explore than domestic violence.

That's what cements the fantasy of a sports video game, after all.