Updating and estimating a social accounting matrix mandating minimum

These data generally come from quite diverse sources and correspond to different periods of time. SAMBAL makes it possible to reconcile this information in order to balance a SAM.

SAMBAL is a simple computer program to balance a SAM.

Computable general equilibrium modeling requires a consistent and coherent benchmark data set, usually organized in the form of a Social Accounting Matrix (SAM).

The Modelling and Policy Impact Analysis (MPIA) program assists developing country researchers in constructing models of their national economy to simulate the impact of macroeconomic shocks/policies on various dimensions of poverty and welfare.

To do so, it applies a combination of macro-micro modelling and simulation techniques including, for the macroeconomic level approach, a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework.

Concentrated experience with internal corrosion monitoring and corrosion control monitoring, material selection, cathodic protection, coatings, chemical injection, sand control, pigging, SCADA, and integrity management.

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