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These all suggest a desire to go against convention, which could hint at a passionate personality.What is interesting is how women are going for Dad bods.

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Our expert explains the rationale behind men looking for a wealthy partner, “This might be because this generation is keener than previous ones to be a stay-at-home father, or they are looking to share finances in their relationship.” 4.

Pooches over Kitties and Other Agreed Features Males and females both agreed on the ‘most attractive features’ in the opposite sex. So flash your pearly whites and remember to maintain eye contact during conversations.

Qualities like these are seen to point towards stability, loyalty and faithfulness.

For short-term affairs, men tend to prefer women who have obvious “markers” for sexual availability – for example, less modest clothes, more visible piercings and tattoos, brightly coloured (dyed) hair.

You want a partner who loves the REAL you, if you don’t fancy a future of trying to maintain the new look.

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    The dating monolith’s app has, basically, all the functions of their website in mobile form, including building your profile, checking out and rating other profiles and answering personality quizzes - the more of them you answer, the more likely it is you will find a match. The app takes the pain out of scrolling through each profile and instead lets you ‘like’ potential partners in bulk.

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