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also when you uninstall adobe you may need to download there latest uninstaller as well ?

[had to do this to fully get rid of flash ]

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I'm just not sure how you'd programmatically write into that other than perhaps with Plist Buddy. Open the plist file you created with an editor (Text Wrangler)4. Categories Look for Updater on left side if its there, it means that the solution is not implemented successfully.

I don't think the usual defaults command will work here. If you can't find it on left side, it means Updater is removed / disabled. Look for Adobe Reader @ Kumarasinghe Unfortunately this doesnt work on Acrobat Pro 10.1.1 that got installed as part of CS6.

Uninstalling it shouldn't affect your other Adobe programs The only adobe item in my startup items is Adobe Gamma Loader, and it's already disabled from starting on startup.

I double checked all 3 programs I have to uninstall - The uninstall apps feature in control pannel, IOBit Uninstaller from my trial of Advanced System Care, and my paid-for Tune Up Utilities 2014.

As you’ll soon be able to tell, I am annoyed with Adobe Update Manager, and thankfully I found a way to disable it completely.

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