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Derek told them to think of happy Heather stories for her mother, but they realized they didn't have any as they were not very close to her.

They used alcohol from Alex to get drunk and bond, but when Heather's mother arrived, they still didn't have a story to tell her, so they stole Meredith's George story, as well as using a question Stephanie had asked Jo and changing it to involve Heather.

Using their newfound bond, the four of them went out to the pile as a group to help.

She came back to work right away rather than taking the two days off that were recommended. At the end of the day, Jackson told her that he had planned to take the day off with her and take care of her.

She asked if they could do it the next day, but he said they'd do it now and took her home.

However, Jackson stood up at at the wedding, and confessed his love for April, effectively ending his relationship with Stephanie. Three weeks later, Leah and Jo were surprised to see her back finally, though she claimed she wasn't in hiding. However, when her patient, Robert Fischer, expressed desire to undo the changes he'd made to his body to look like a cat, she went to Jackson and asked him to fix Robert's face pro bono.