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The dinner scene, where Marilyn Burns comes dangerously close to having her head smashed in with a hammer, is the most memorable example of Hooper's edgy approach - something he would never capture again in a career that has since gone spectacularly off the rails. George Miller was well aware of when he changed careers from physician to filmmaker.

Not letting a paltry budget of 0,000 phase him, he fused the cult American sci-fi flick A Boy And His Dog with his own penchant for seeing muscle cars and road bikes moving fast and coming to a scattered end.

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- this burst like a firework on the indie world, and acted as a wake-up call to the US indie scene.

You're not the only ones setting the pace now, guys.

An action movie filmed for the price of a second hand Ford Fiesta - Michael Bay, you have much to learn.

Brilliantly high concept, effortlessly executed by director Tom Tykwer and kept at breakneck speed by leading lady Franka Potente, this is one of the very best reasons to bury England's traditional enmity with the Germans.

Robert Rodriguez may be a household name, but back in 1992 he was an impoverished would-be filmmaker who raised $3,000 of the film's $7,000 shooting budget as a volunteer for experimental drug testing.