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When Jamal loses track of Lakita, he determines to find her again, a mission that takes up most of his young life and makes his movie a flamboyant romance, all about striving and underdogging and embracing passion.

That this sentimental journey is structured as well by the game show connects this jaunty thriller with Boyle's dazzling opus on consumers and/as addicts, Trainspotting.

Other times, they're a miserable failure, a painful attempt to find a spot in the often slippery world of creative nonfiction. The essays are presented in three parts: "Brigadoon Bowling", "To the Reader, Sincerely", and "Hydra: I'll Be Your Mirror".

The Aphorisms, in a section called "Rock, Paper, Scissors, God: Aphorismics" (one heading takes the section's title, and the other is called "Mothers, Etc.") are a series of hit and miss one-liners that comprise the final third of this book.

During that break, Slumdog Millionaire takes what seems a turn -- out of the television studio, into a dingy, sweltering police station.

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    The temporary race track the SST staff built adjacent to the world renown Sand Sports Super Show features various aspects of the 2016 SST World Championship season including sweeping high-speed turns, a difficult sand pit section, multiple tight corners, and a massive cross-over jump that sends competitors flying over another section of the race track with trucks passing directly underneath.

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    Almost everyone loses the ability to see nearby objects as they age, a condition called presbyopia.