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In 1940, the median age at first marriage for men was 24, and for women, 21. During those three or four extra years of singlehood, there are a lot a Friday and Saturday nights, and plenty of time to explore casual liaisons—whatever they’re called and however sexual they become. Every time a man is having casual sex, there's a woman who's having that casual sex with him.

Or is it that she does not see it as casual in many instances where he does?

In addition, 51% of the women and 42% of the men said that during hook-ups, they’d discussed the possibility of proceeding to greater commitment.

From Pregnant Puritans to Dating to Hook-Ups Every generation comes of age in a burst of sexual exuberance that includes casual sex their elders find unsettling.

This may sound hasty, but, then, spring break is brief; vacationing students are horny and outgoing; and alcohol is abundant.