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I offered to go to the nearest mall where I live in USA and buy her a real perfume but she would have none of that. Okay Trust me on this one guys because I had almost 6 months into it and roughly $10,000.

this place will lure you in i think when I left i had upwards of 8500 unread mail which its impossible to read they are almost all form letters that they can just change out the name (your name) while they are shot gunning for desperate souls to prey on.

After reading some of the other reviews Im glad i just used the complimentary credits and didnt spend any money on Victoriahearts, one poor guy $10,000 'holy $#*! You do get 1 or 2 scammers but not many, and they are soon found out and kicked off the site.

but i would recommend Elena's Models, as it is real women and reasonably priced, about £80 for three months and you can message as much as you like.

Just for kicks I tried to get back on the site this morning and the whole thing is shut down so you guys are welcome for getting rid of this scam.