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In terms of supply: whatever the human value of the job, an enterprise will be lucrative if few people can do a job and someone badly wants it done.

For instance, being a hitman – there are not many people who can accurately shoot to order.

And if something bad happens, you’re blamed for not properly calculating the risks! You shouldn’t have to carry the demand to be both available and super capable of preventing your own assault. With Love, The Editors at Everyday Feminism Person 1: So I’m looking forward to finally meeting you this weekend! Text: High Likelihood Mild Consequences = Person 3: Yup, that sure was a lot of pecking. Text: Here are the elements of the date you just proposed: -A man I don’t know well -Who now knows where I live -Meeting alone in an isolated space away from other people -To a space that he knows and controls -To have drinks that I will not be preparing and may not know the contents of -In an area of town that may not be easy for me to leave Text: What is the likelihood that something bad will happen? Text: -Having a creepy guy creep on me without easy options for me to end the date early…

When you’re dating, you may get lots of advice on keeping yourself safe. Risk is balancing the likelihood that something will happen against the severity of consequences or outcomes if it does happen. they’ll probably quack a lot and peck me (likelihood of something negative happening – high).

At the same time, you can get pressure to be carefree. Then you have to decide what your risk threshold is – how risky something has to seem before it’s not acceptable to you. Person 3: I’m going to wade through this group of angry ducks! But I’m not going to get anything more than some light peck-bruising on my shins (consequences – mild). But if you’re not…the potential outcomes are bad to severe.

But that’s a risk many of us accept every day, and I’m unlikely to have to shoulder a lot of the responsibility and blame for that accident.

RH: How come I have to shoulder the responsibility and blame when someone rapes me? RH: So I’d very much prefer to meet in a space that is accessible and comfortable for both of us, and I’d be happy to negotiate a meeting space that tries to meet both our wishes.

RH: I’d really rather meet downtown in a bar or something.