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Reports show that some have even already been sentenced to double the maximum amount of prison time usually sentenced (6 years).

– Though homosexuality is not explicitly criminalized in Egypt, people are being tried for “debauchery” and “incitement of debauchery.” – Those in custody will be forced to undergo anal examinations, a long debunked archaic forensic technique intended to determine the victim’s sexual orientation.

The amount of boastful ignorance, hate speech, and lies that have emerged in the press is unthinkable.

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– News coming out of Egypt for the first few days was inconsistent and self-contradictory, as the horrid lack of professionalism in the Egyptian press created a thick fog of intentionally false news to try to further incense public opinion.

– What first appeared to be an irresponsible media frenzy, proved to be more tactical than coincidental, as reports began to surface that the police then moved to arrest upwards of 35 people (activists, teenagers, and people suspect of being LGBTQ ) in the past 10 days.

The state is currently rounding up kids and violating their bodies.

This is not a time for silence, nor is it a time for condescendingly discussing identity politics. We call on cultural producers, musicians, and activists, inside and outside Egypt, to express their solidarity with the Egyptian community during this horrible time.

————————————————————- – Following a rather ugly smear campaign in the Egyptian press, we played a concert in Egypt on the 22nd of September that was attended by upwards of 35 thousand people.