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A woman, even if she is a top lawyer or doctor, would prefer a happy and stable family life to the pursuit of her own career.

Good stable family is their first wish and priority.

In Russian society's eyes, a Russian woman should be married with children in order to have respectable social status.

You may agree with this fact, or disagree, or fight against of it, but it won't change the reality: your foreign passport alone does not ensure your success with Ukrainian ladies.

Having a stable job is good enough; but the better your financial situation, the easier you will make contacts with nice Ukrainian ladies, and the less hassle you will get from the USCIS (former INS) in bringing your fiance'e into the country. However, women have suffered so much in Ukraine with everyday surviving; they want to make sure it never happens to them and their families again.

She is always with her husband because she is a partner, not competitor.

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