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Mc Candless’s story from an editor at Outside magazine who had read the Associated Press piece. He deserted his family and a privileged life without looking back. Mc Candless canoed into Mexico, hitchhiked north and worked odd jobs along the way.

He often roamed alone, but left an impression on many of the friends he made along the way.

Diana was emotional, fragile, needy, anorexic, bulimic; Charles came from the stiff-upper-lip school of interpersonal relations and had a longtime (married) girlfriend, Camilla Parker-Bowles. They died together in a high-speed chase in Paris, fleeing from paparazzi pursuing them in cars and motorcycles after a date.

Britain went into deep shock, wondering aloud whether it had helped cause Diana’s death by not appreciating her enough in life.

We relived the first steps on the moon and the speech that divided India and Pakistan.

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    Daniel Hanratty, the support site lead at the NYUAD Campus Technology Center, told the university’s student newspaper in New York that, “There’s no definite time for how long [Skype] has been blocked,” and, “blocking has been happening on and off for a year or so now.” The paper also reported that the Whats App messaging service may also be censored in the country right now, with users reporting “uneven service.” And Viber has been blocked for some time.

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    One of the best decisions director/co-screenwriter Han Jae Rim makes is to not create charming and likable characters.

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    This gravel surface car park has Park Mark security status, is well lit and operates Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for simple entry and exit.