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The course presents the essential information that students need to make an informed decision about the health care discipline they would like to pursue that best matches their individual interests, skills, and abilities.

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This course serves to introduce primarily Dispatch and Professional Pilot to 14 CFR.

Proficiency in all 14 CFR Parts, and history and source of these regulations, is expected by course end.

Also, an emphasis on managerial and cost accounting for making sound business decisions.

(Prerequisite: ACCT 1010; a grade of C or better is strongly recommended in ACCT 1010) F, Sp Course designed for transfer and part of the TN Transfer Pathways.

The student should also develop an appreciation for the importance of the livestock and meats industry in today's economy. (Prerequisites: BIOL 1110 and BIOL 1120) This course may be charged a lab fee. This course will introduce the student to the broad field of plant science including a basic study of the structure, reproduction, physiology, ecology, and classification of plants.