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However you can always settle down with a plate of appetizers or some delicious dessert as you wait for a distinguished-looking guest to make your acquaintance.

Hippest nightspots Despite its nickname of “The Biggest small town in America”, Columbus today has its fair share of happening nightspots where the rich and single go to chill out.

In fact Columbus is home to at least four Fortune 500 companies including Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, American Electric Power, Limited Brands, and Big Lots.

Then again there are several major foreign technological companies like Siemens, Roxanne Laboratories, Techneglas and Vaisala which have operational divisions in the city.

We value a foundation that includes the following: Personal relationship with Jesus Christ Commitment to membership at Vineyard Columbus At least a one year dating relationship Living in accordance with Scriptural principles (maintaining sexual purity; participating in community life, such as a small group; growing in the knowledge of God and his plan for healthy relationships and family life) There is no shortcut to building intimacy, trust and communication.

Because it does take time to plan a wedding and prepare for marriage, we ask that you contact us for an initial appointment as soon as possible (we ask for at least a 5-6 month time frame to complete the full premarital program).

The Ohio State University has in fact one of the largest campuses among all other universities in the country.