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I found myself seated at one of the lab tables in the rear of the classroom next to Robin.

Robin was one of the hottest girls in school with a well-earned reputation as the school whore.

My goal was to be a teacher someday and I especially wanted to teach in my old school district so it really wouldn't have been to my advantage to have anyone on the staff associating me with something controversial when I was a student.

Despite the sensationalism in the media, the vast majority of teachers do NOT have sex with their students and doing so is NOT considered a career enhancing move.

Chapter 1 - About Robin ======================= A lot of people have asked me if I use to tease my teachers or otherwise fool around in school.

The reality is that I did a lot more at church and community functions than I ever did at school.

She hung around with the "bad" crowd and never went to church so far as I knew.

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