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My Nan used to let me watch it from about the age of 5. There was an 'occasion' when the person I was with stuck his finger up my bum during foreplay. It’s much easier to pinpoint what doesn’t turn me on. It’s not the being seen that I like, its just the possibility of it.

Which is just another reason why it is so great to be a Muslim!

Not too long ago, we saw Robbie Williams flinging his pee pee at us, in an atttempt to make us sign up to his members-only site.

Love reading, don’t get as much time for it as I’d like, but I’m managing about one book a month at the moment. Very few things I don’t like and that’s Mushrooms, Courgettes and Aubergines (I think its the texture more than anything). I’m a British Champion Dancer, so the choreography is a lot to do with it.

I’m sure a lot of girls would choose it, but for me its more to do with the dancing than the film generally.

The ladies plan on spending the night on the town, but glancing over at her fresh-faced main squeeze, a sexier idea comes to Lola's perverted mind.