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Ricki, 49, is best known for her eponymous talk show, which put her as the youngest person to ever host their own syndicated talk show at the time it was aired in 1993.Ricki, who is also an actress, was married to her husband Christian Evans for five years.

In a review in The New York Times, writer Stephen Holden writes, "The statistics cited in the film suggest that the revolution in childbirth from home to hospital was spurred by technology, which increasingly turned it into a surgical procedure involving multiple, often unnecessary interventions.

In 1900 95 percent of births in the United States took place at home. Today the number is less than 1 percent." The film and its message were largely well received, though Lakes next documentary, Sweetening the Pill, about the dangers of hormonal birth control, was greeted with considerable criticism. Amy Tuteur, an OBGYN, penned an article for TIME magazine saying that Lake is wrong to fight against what Tuteur considers "the greatest source of women's empowerment of all time." She chalks Lake's naiveté up to the fact that Lake is "part of a natural parenting movement that is anti-hospital birth, anti-epidural and anti-formula — technological innovations that have made the legal, political and especially the economic liberation of women possible." Lake is no stranger to criticism.

Lisa married PJ, another member of the BMF, whose life also came crashing down after his conviction.

Suffering from depression, she has decided to divorce and move on with her life.

'He was a man of love and what mends my broken heart today is knowing that he is finally at peace and his spirit is free. The former talk show host told People magazine that she was living with Evans just months before he tragically took his own life. It was horrific - he just wasn't the person I had been with for four years,' she said of his manic state.