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She points to research by Robert Half that demonstrates that about seven of every 10 candidates lose interest in the job if they don’t hear back within 14 days after the interview.Delays offer time for applicants to respond to competitor’s interest, to proceed with discussions with different recruiters, and to examine their offer with mentors and family. “Employers should take a hard look at the steps of their hiring process and the length of time each takes,” says Domeyer.And in a competitive business environment, it’s not always easy to attract the best people.

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Give your employees light guidelines and urge them to share real stories on their social profiles.

Use free platforms like Linked In and other platforms to create blog if you don’t have one already.

The hiring manager should outline all that the candidate will learn, after getting some information about them to help make the case for how the organization can enable them to achieve their goals and how their goals can be accomplished within the organization.

Maybe you could tell them you will offer more constructive feedback on their bad ideas.

As a recruiter, Rassas suggests that best proactive way to deal with the hiring is to discuss with individuals in your network who may know of any passive candidates which might not currently be searching for a job but would consider doing so if given the right opportunity.