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‘We are on a step by step basis broadening our service ’ said Joseph O' Connor, Operations Director.

‘In 2010, we aim to increase the interaction between and our dating community a well as introducing an internal news centre for all Thai Love Lines members ’ he said.

At a small news conference, Pootie confronts Lecter only to discover that Lecter has amassed dozens of "Pootie-alikes" who will spread the message of Lecter Corp around the nation.

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Openly agreeing with Roger Ebert's dismissive criticism that the movie should not have even been released, C. has said that the finished product, though containing parts he enjoyed, was far from his own vision. Club writer Scott Tobias revisited the film and included it in his New Cult Canon series, noting that "Pootie Tang repelled mainstream critics and audiences, but it holds an exalted status among alt-comedians and fans of subversive anti-comedy in general".

Roger Ebert gave it a half-star rating, criticizing it for excessive use of vulgar language and demeaning portrayal of women, describing it as a "train wreck" and finishing his review by bluntly stating "This film is not in a releasable condition". Pootie Tang crosses all cultural barriers to become the dumbest movie I've seen in an entire generation. Pootie Tang strives for the dumbness it achieves, a feat few films can a good kind of dumb.

His status as pop culture icon is destroyed, and he engages on a quest to "find [him]self." This journey is encouraged by Biggie Shortie, who promises to wait for Pootie to return to her and to the rest of society.

Pootie moves to a farm where the local sheriff decides Pootie and his daughter should start dating.

After his single corn stalk dies, he has a vision of Daddy Tang and Momma Dee.