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With a solid and waterproof design, and a battery that lasts for over a year, the Pit Pat is suitable for all day wear. High spec functions include motion, sounds and temperature alerts (to ensure your pet’s pad is not too hot or cold), two-way audio for owner-dog chat and infrared night vision to spy on your dog’s nocturnal habits. Go Pro GP2038 Fetch Dog Harness: £39, Currys From exploring the mountains to riding the waves, the Go Pro Fetch harness is for the adventurous hound.

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Worn in addition to, not in place of your dog’s collar, this is designed to make your pooch visible to traffic and fellow pedestrians, and to help you keep tabs on them if they are walking off-lead.

It’s 100 per cent waterproof and designed to fit straight over your dog’s head prompting a sensor to switch it on.

Programme the Pit Pat with an exercise guideline based on their age, breed (there’s 200 to choose from) and measured activity.

Then fix it to their collar with the Velcro fastening and watch their walking, running, playing and sleeping count rack up. Motorola Scout 85 Connect Indoor Pet Monitor: £72.99, Fetch In a similar vein to the Petzi, the Scout pet cam allows you to monitor and communicate with your pooch on the go, without the rewarding treat, but with a 300-degree view of their surroundings.

Via an app on your smartphone or tablet, you can watch the live video feed of your pet, speak to them, take their picture (to share to the Petzi social network) and even dispense up to three of their favourite treats.