Palm pre clock not updating

If it’s as robust as the web OS homebrew scene, I’m sure there’s a ton of great stuff, though.

Don: Dialing extra digits - not working as set up for Pre. It also dials so fast you have to put pauses where they were unnecessary with the Pre.

At the highest level, the concepts that are built into web OS make for a more globally consistent, transparent operation that is in many ways superior to Android.

The three UI elements that give web OS this advantage are 1) the card model (see screenshot), which makes what’s running very transparent and also makes open programs easier to get back to, 2) the gesture area, which gives each OS component and application a built-in, consistent way of navigating, and 3) the upper left corner menu (tap or swipe). web OS is extremely elegant in how it handles multitasking, at least from a user interface perspective.

Don: Screen is very reflective - need to get a good non-reflective screen protector. Don: Exchange setup very easy and data started coming down to the device immediately. Account setup was stupid-easy for everything from Exchange and Gmail (as you’d expect) to Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr. Don: Calendar day grid view was very difficult to find, but it’s there!!