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The purpose of this study was to test a new conceptual model of commitment to CAM use that implicates utilitarian (trust in CAM) and symbolic (perceived fit with CAM) in psychological and behavioral dimensions of CAM commitment. A series hierarchical regression analyses controlling for relevant demographic variables found that the utilitarian and symbolic values uniquely accounted for significant and substantial proportion of the variance in each of the three CAM commitment indicators ( The findings provide preliminary support for the new model that posits that CAM commitment is a multi-dimensional psychological state with behavioral indicators.

Further research with large-scale samples and longitudinal designs is warranted to understand the potential value of the new model.

This is especially important given the known links among beliefs, values, and continuing CAM use [].

Accordingly, we expand on these views by conceptualizing commitment to CAM as a psychological state with behavioral indicators.

Much of the early research focused largely on the demographic and health belief factors associated with CAM use, and on distinguishing CAM users from non-users via comparative research.