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Newstetter said that visitors who do not bring clothing can also enter the event by answering interview questions on camera for a future art piece.

“I like to have people reflect on what they’re wearing, whether they’re looking professional, dressed like a student or not caring at all because they’re going to the gym,” Newstetter said.

“That cycle of sharing clothes and knowing that each piece of clothing has a history is the best part of used clothes.” Newstetter, a member of the Student Committee for the Arts, created the organization’s first free clothing swap, which will take place Thursday in Kerckhoff Grand Salon.

Visitors will gain admission to the event by bringing clothing, bags, shoes or accessories and attaching tags describing the items’ history, said Newstetter.

“If people walk out with 30 items I might have to say something, but the idea is that you take the amount you bring.” She said she sent out more than 100 messages during spring break asking friends to bring clothes from home and scoured her own house for suitable items but expects most donations to stem from a morning donation box located in Kerckhoff Grand Salon and the items people bring to the actual event.