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With their passing so, too, goes the information and insight that hasn't already been transmitted or recorded.

The balance of the parent-child relationship shifts several times, first as we gain maturity and create our own families, and then as parents grow older and often need our support.

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And remember to take care of yourself and your family and give yourselves permission to grieve in whatever way and in whatever time frame works for the individuals involved.

The death of a mother or father can strike an adult child unexpectedly hard.

'" says one woman in her 40s who lost both parents within two years.

"I felt pushed to a different level of adulthood." Many people who lose their parents talk about "grieving for what won't ever be" -- being unable to ask their parents for parenting advice, for example, or having their parents attend their children's birthday parties, graduations, and weddings. But perhaps, it is toughest to lose them as a young kid.

And as pointed out, men do tend to want to combat the feeling of loneliness and not being able to cope, by seeking out relationships more quickly after such a loss.