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I need a younger man.'I don't put a limit on the number of partnerships I have.

I have partners here in Asheville, I have partners in other cities. I don't know how many partners I have.'I used to feel like just a mother and a wife.

A business venture for the entreprising couple Carl and Kenya believe in the lifestyle so much that they have turned it into their livelihood - by launching a 'love academy' and becoming relationship coaches that teach people all over the world about polyamory.

They are now sharing their relationship, which has been the model for their coaching business: a 'love academy' called Ju Ju Mama.

It's just two different things.'I need them both, as a married woman of 22 years and to be able to have them is great.' Sixteen-year-old Sanu (pictured here with her mother) says of her parents: 'I think unlike most kids, I felt comfortable asking my parents questions.

I am glad I did not have to go through that stage'New beginnings!

Kenya revealed: 'Carl's girlfriends are interesting. I get along with his partners who have so much common sense they don't try to push me out of my place, but for the others it is more challenging.'Carl said: 'In terms of Kenya's partners, I tend to always get along with them.