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New-construction ships not yet in commission do not use "USS" and are instead prefixed with "PCU" which stands for "Pre-Commissioning Unit." Ships that are out of commission also do not use "USS" and are properly referenced only by their names.It should be noted that in the United States Navy, unlike European Navies, the first ship in a class to be authorized by the US Congress is the designated class leader (class name ship), regardless of the order in which the ships of that class are laid down, launched or commissioned.

The designation "USS" standing for "United States Ship" was adopted in 1909.

Prior to that time, no designation was used in official documents.

This meant that Battleships became "BB-X" and Destroyers became "DD-X" with X being the same number as previously assigned.

Ships that changed classifications were given new hull numbers within their new designation series.

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