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Sheldon Trollope posted a video to Facebook that he said was filmed by a neighbor on the Mac Ritchie Nature Trail, which leads to the Upper Peirce Reservoir. Trollope said witnesses told him the python later died as a result of the cobra's venomous bite.

The video shows the cobra slither up behind the python and bite it on the body before fleeing into the bushes.

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See more » When Anna and Jeremy are at the restaurant, Jeremy says they "might have to go in through the spine." No surgery of any kind ever goes "through the spine," particularly any cardiac surgery.

In human anatomy, the common term "spine" actually is the vertebral column. I transform ordinary spaces into something special.

star Jack Cutmore-Scott plays Harris, a guy who seems to have it all: a great job at a trendy agency, tons of friends and an active sex life thanks to a range of dating apps.

A believer in the power of a swipe to the right, Harris has mastered the art of a successful first date that never traps him into a second one.

"So this happened right by where I live on the Mac Ritchie North Trail.