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This course was a great success and an unique opportunity to strengthen the MOREFISH team’s overall knowledge on the very promising area of recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) and their various applications for the rearing and culture of different species (e.g. Furthermore, this course was of great benefit for the MOREFISH project because the application of such systems in Ireland will allow the sector to drastically reduce the impact of aquaculture activity on the environment and specifically on water quality (water is theoretically fully treated before reuse and there is theoretically no discharge water and therefore no pollution created by this discharge water) compared to the current situation where most of the facilities are operated as flow through systems.

salmon, rainbow trout) at different life stages (e.g. If RAS are developed in Ireland, it will therefore be possible to both increase the overall production and to reduce the impact of the Irish aquaculture industry.

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The first session of the day consisted of the MOREFISH team introducing the attendants to their research.