Mobile cams no signup

Still, all in all a good "beginning" unit to learn from....

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The only problem I really have is that sometimes it does not pick up the AT&T signal and tells me that all data is blocked.

It is the first LG phone I have had that I have had this as a problem.

If you go to a site that does not, you should follow local instructions to connect to the correct service. If you are having problems, for example eduroam access is still not working after following the instructions for your version of Windows, see What do I do if I'm having problems connecting to eduroam from my Windows system? In some cases—like on a workplace network—this setting is managed by a system administrator, and the setting can't be changed.

Note that when you use eduroam at another organisation you are bound by our AUP ( Now you need to download and then run the correct tool for your Windows version. If you have an eduroam configuration already installed (e.g.

(I already installed the newest firmware right after receiving unit and had done before/after firmware tests.