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Sidon, called Saida today (Arabic for “fishing”), was named after the firstborn son of Canaan (Gn ) and probably settled by his descendants.

The northern border of ancient Canaan extended to Sidon (Gn ).

The names Tyre and Sidon were famous in the ancient Near East.

Yet, while Sidon was mentioned many times during the Canaanite and early Israelite periods in the Bible, Tyre first appeared as part of Asher’s western boundary (Jos ).

Specifically called a “fortified city” in this passage, it was noted as a significant landmark.

Later, Jacob spoke of it as the boundary of Zebulun (Gn ) and Joshua included it as part of the land promised to Israel (Jos 13:6).

Sidon was included in the inheritance of Asher, on its northern boundary (Jos ), but it was not taken by that tribe in conquest (Jgs , 3:3).

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