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You may have blankly stared at a Marüshka silkscreen-on-canvas print while waiting at a doctor’s office, in a hospital, or at a corporate headquarters.A Marüshka image of a peaceful sailboat on a lake, a solitary seashell, or a grove of leafless trees may have been in the backdrop of a condo lobby, a hotel room, or a family friend’s bougie-chic living room.

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Many of the nature-inspired Marüshka designs telegraph an air of detached sophistication; others, with their bright, generic blocks of color, can seem as chic as children’s jigsaw puzzles and as artful as paint-by-numbers.

At the height of their popularity in the early ’80s, Marüshkas were sold throughout the United States through hundreds of distributors.

Depuis ce film qui l’a révélée, Maruschka Detmers mène une carrière à dimension internationale, travaillant tour à tour en France, en Allemagne, aux États-Unis (Les Mambo Kings de Arne Glimcher), en Israël (La Guerre d’Hannah de Menahem Golan), ou encore en Italie (Y'a bon les blancs de Marco Ferreri, Rewind de Sergio Gobbi).

En 1986, Le Diable au corps fait scandale en raison d'une scène pornographique .

A big part of his concept was to avoid the expense of framing.

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