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It began as a hobby but Alsultan later turned her lens toward lavish weddings.A female Saudi wedding photographer used to be rare and even frowned upon, she says, and some Saudis consider it to be a job for “paparazzi.” Yet she gradually made a name for herself and quit her lecturing job to go full-time.

Her ex-husband allowed her family to raise them—it was in a courtroom that Alsultan learned fathers are supposed to pay only $100 per month per child—so her father stepped in to fill the void.

Two years ago, she sat down with her daughters to explain why she had initially asked for a divorce.

“I explained that I was too young to understand who I was, let alone know the person I wanted to live the rest of my life with,” she says.

She aimed to instill the idea that “independence is a strength” and that while companionship is desired, it’s not necessary.

She is one of five members of Rawiya, an all-female collective in the Middle East.