Liquidating non moving inventory singletondating com

Our focus is on maximizing returns over the long term, as opposed to a quick liquidation that primarily benefits the broker IMPartners recognizes that not every component or product can be remarketed for reuse.In those situations where components or finished goods have no market value or are proprietary IMPartners assists our clients in recycling and reclaiming value in the component’s materials.

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IMPartners robust incoming inspection process includes validation of component counts, packaging inspection, verification and logging of material date codes, and a thorough review of product condition and quality.

We then share our detailed assessment with our clients.

The end result is that companies inevitably end up with excess, obsolete, and slow moving inventories, both at the components and finished goods level, that adversely impacts their profitability and return on assets.

Inventory Management Partners has been adeptly managing clients’ Inactive, Excess & Obsolete (IOS) material for over 13 years.

Millions of dollars of in-stock; available-to-sell component and finished goods inventory.