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Liquidating business promotion

Lanzones is now considered as priority High Value Commercial Crops (HVCC) of the Philippines. The group recommends further rehabilitation even on old lanzones trees and increasing the yield potential through the abovementioned technologies.

The GMA-HVCC Program has identified lanzones, together with mango, pineapple, coconut, banana, vegetable, and rubber, as priority commodity crops. At present, there are 100 farmer-partners in CALABARZON who are using the improved lanzones production technologies.

The deferral mechanism can take a variety of forms.

Sometimes the disposing party disregards the capital gain or loss and the acquiring party simply steps into the shoes of the disposing party with regard to the details of the asset, such as date of acquisition, dates of incurral of expenditure, amount of expenditure and market value on valuation date.

Sometimes the deferral will only apply to a capital gain while in other cases it will apply to capital gains and losses. A compulsory sale of listed shares followed by a repurchase of identical shares (para 42A) 5.