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star celebrated Labor Day weekend, she took to Instagram, where she posted a closeup of herself and a mystery man. While Richards didn't come right out and say that the man in the photo is her new boyfriend, she did confirm to a fan that she found him to be "hot" and revealed to another than he was definitely not her father.

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Most alarming, given that Kim completed a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse in December 2011, is the fact that Ken was arrested for a DUI in 2009.

And reports that Ken was found to be currently active on an online dating website were certainly not helping his case.

When Kim told the tale of encountering Ken in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 2, Episode 9, it wasn’t exactly Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill meet cute, but it was nice to see Kim excited about someone who didn’t try to steal her chicken.

This man of mystery whom Kim dated on the sly is vivacious, smart, and handsome, according to Kim.

So I’ve actually just started my dating situation.” “I was actually going to call Patti [Stanger], the Bravo specialist here,” Kim reveals.