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Intrigued, Rat'Lar decides that Superman and Ali should fight one another to see who really is Earth's champion.

To make the fight fair, he decrees that the match should take place on his home planet, Bodace, which orbits a red star (which temporarily robs Superman of his powers). The two would-be champions decide that Ali will train Superman in the finer points of boxing.

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He had even previously gone up against a real-life athlete, professional wrestler Antonino Rocca.

In December 2009, DC Comics announced it would publish two hardcover reprint editions of Superman vs. One edition reprinted the original story at its original treasury size, while a deluxe edition (featuring a new cover by Neal Adams) included additional content dating back to the original book's publication.

However, Ali argues that Superman is not really of Earth, and has an unfair advantage in his many superpowers.

In typical Ali-style verbiage, he puts himself forward as the obvious choice.

Louis (which Superman can just barely save) and an uninhabited Pacific island.

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