Adult dating sex website - Jay chou dating hannah

Yesterday, a netizen revealed that on October 9, Jay and Hannah were spotted shopping in the Shibuya district of Japan, which matched the time frame of Jay’s mother’s photo taken in the Harajuku district.

Apparently, the trio had indeed taken a vacation to Japan together!

Says Jay Chou, “My mental age is about the same as hers and we just get along like children.” Image courtesy of Jay Chou’s Weibo. Starting a family sounds pretty good.” Just like how the couple’s wedding would be, Chou’s proposal was traditional, magnificent, and closed to the media.

Notably, among Jay Chou’s past girlfriends, Hannah is the youngest and the one who has stayed with him the longest. According to Apple Daily, the proposal occurred during one of their stays in England: Jay Chou had carefully arranged the moment, there were fireworks in the sky, he knelt down to one knee for the big question, and Hannah’s answer, of course, was, .

Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan were caught by the media while on a vacation in France in 2011.